About us

The HAV Group is an international provider of green technology and services for maritime industries.

The Group's vision is a sustainable future at sea. We will contribute to the global green energy transition and accelerate the shift towards zero-emission operations with innovative solutions and high-end products.

Our mission is to create value through collaboration and to develop people who share our vision.

Our experience and expertise, as well as our focus on efficiency, safety, and sustainability, lays the foundation for developing and delivering high-quality innovative solutions to customers in the seafood, energy, and transport sectors

Our cross-cutting expertise gives our customers a head start, increases their competitiveness and value creation, helps to reduce their environmental impact and cut emissions, and allows us to offer sustainable solutions to social challenges relating to the environment, food and mobility.


The HAV Group was established in 2021. The group comprises four subsidiaries with several decades of combined experience in the industry, in addition to special expertise in guiding the marine and maritime industries through the green shift and towards the goal of zero emissions.

HAV Design – energy efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly designs and system packages for vessel construction, including SOVs for the offshore wind industry, live fish carriers for the aquaculture industry and ferries for the transport industry.
HAV Hydrogen – hydrogen energy systems for maritime vessels that make it possible for even large ships to sail longer distances with zero emissions.
Norwegian Electric Systems – energy design and smart control systems for a wide range of vessels for the global marine market.
Norwegian Greentech – ballast water treatment systems and various other water treatment systems for the aquaculture and maritime industry.


In recent years, the companies that now make up the HAV Group have invested extensive resources and focused their research and development work on creating environmentally friendly equipment, energy-efficient ships, and zero-emission solutions.

Our products and knowledge have been used for many vessels and facilities that are now in operation as proof of the HAV Group’s experience of developing the ships and ocean industries of the future.

The Norwegian word HAV means ocean, and the ocean is the foundation for our expertise and experience. The ocean is where we live. It surrounds us on all sides. It is our livelihood – and we must protect it. That is why we are a frontier in the development of technology that maximises value creation for our customers while minimising their environmental impact.


The desire to conquer the sea is old.

For thousands of years, people have dreamed of boats and the sea.

A figurative rock carving in the region where the HAV Group is located is 2,000 year old, a ship portrayed in the Roskar rock carving. 

The oldest keeled ship in Northern Europe, the precursor to the Viking ships, is also found in HAV Group's neighborhood. 

Now, the goal is to ensure sustainable use of the sea going forward.