The UN Sustainable Development Goals, political ambitions and new regulations push us and our customers to develop the solutions of the future already today.

This is good news for the environment. 

We are passionate about using our knowledge to solve these challenges by creating energy-efficient products and cutting emissions, while at the same time increasing our customers’ profitability, competitiveness, and value creation by giving them a tool for the future.


HAV Group ASA has proven experience in energy-efficient vessels, environmentally friendly systems and technology, and we have the cross-cutting expertise required to do our part in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Some specific examples include battery-powered ferries that use clean hydropower instead of fossil energy. We also develop hydrogen-based solutions that make it possible for even large ships to sail longer distances with zero emissions, and we deliver designs, technology and systems that optimise energy consumption and minimise the environmental impact. We are playing our part in building a sustainable society.

The ocean is our and our customers’ livelihood, and where both we and our customers will harvest our values in the future. We must do this in a way that ensures that the same is possible for the generations to come.

The HAV Group has a particular focus on these Sustainable Development Goals: