Hydrogen-based energy systems

HAV Group is a supplier of complete and scalable zero-emission hydrogen-based energy systems for vessels. The systems are suitable for both vessel newbuilds and retrofits.

The group has developed maritime-based energy systems with liquid hydrogen tank below deck and a container-based hydrogen system to be installed on deck – the Zero Emission Pod. 

Adoption of hydrogen as ship fuel is considered a vital part of the transition to more sustainable shipping. HAV Group is one of the global frontrunners in offering approved hydrogen-based energy systems for ships. 

Installed effect can be used for the main propulsion systems, or for additional power supply on board the vessel to comply with green operation standards. Quayside, hydrogen systems can ensure sufficient green power supply to the vessel, which does not need to rely on onshore charging infrastructure to achieve zero emission status. 

HAV Group’s subsidiary HAV Hydrogen develops hydrogen-based energy systems for vessels. 

See www.havhydrogen.no for more information.