HAV Hydrogen delivers complete and scalable hydrogen systems for use on both large and small vessels, new vessels and retrofit vessels, that are designed for operation in heavy seas.

Hydrogen is fuel in its purest form, and after several years of research and development, we are now eager to demonstrate that hydrogen can be used efficiently and safely to enable zero emissions in the maritime industry. The development of battery-fueled electric ferries has proved that although employing new technology can be challenging, the new solutions can be so impressive that you will never look back.

HAV Hydrogen is a complete supplier of:

  • Retrofit modules for hydrogen energy systems
  • hydrogen energy systems for integration in vessels
  • pre-studies
  • cooperation with the policy instrument system and private investors

Over time, the HAV Group has used advanced computer technology to create energy-efficient ships with a lower environmental impact. Combined with HAV Hydrogen’s development work in hydrogen for ships, HAV’s cross-cutting expertise makes us a powerhouse for the green transition in shipping.

The company was established in 2021, and the headquarter is located in Fosnavåg, on the northwest coast of Norway.