Water treatment systems

HAV Group is a supplier of ballast water treatment systems for ships and other water treatment systems for the aquaculture industry.

The spread of invasive species is recognized as one of the greatest threats to the ecological and the economic wellbeing of the planet. 

Efficient treatment of ballast water prevents the unwanted spread of invasive species. The ballast water treatment system is available for both retrofit and vessel newbuilds. 

Process water treatment for aquaculture production is key to maintain fish health and avoid detrimental effect on local environment. 

HAV Group provides water treatment technologies for both land-based aquaculture and live fish carriers. 

Moreover, HAV Group’s water treatment products are based has a chemical-free system that does not pollute the marine environment. 

HAV Group’s subsidiary Norwegian Greentech develops and manufactures water treatment systems. 

See www.norwegiangt.no for more information.