Clean water through unique solutions

Compact and highly energy-efficient systems for ballast water management (BWMS) and process water treatment for the sea- and landbased aquaculture industry.

Norwegian Greentech (NGT) is the leading provider of compact highly energy-efficient ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) for small and medium-sized vessels, were innovative solutions, space efficiency and reliably meets the international discharge standards.

Based on our Norwegian heritage, experience, quality focus and innovative solutions, our insight provides our customers with a head start, increases their competitiveness, and enables them to realize the green shift towards a sustainable future at sea.

NGT was established in 2010 in Fosnavåg, focusing on water treatment systems for the maritime industry. The main products are ballast water treatment systems and process water treatment systems for live fish carriers and land-based aquaculture.

NGT BWMS make use of the latest UV-technology commercially available today, based on medium pressure UV-radiation, which is the most efficient UV-technology for Ballast Water Treatment.

The company has sold more than 700 treatment systems so far, and the market is growing rapidly due to international requirements.

Norwegian Greentech BWMS is certified in accordance with IMO and USCG, and is approved for use in all water salinities: fresh, brackish and marine, with no required holding time.