Our development programs

"We value our employees and we will facilitate professional and personal development. We build a culture through our actions, cooperation and leadership. It is a precondition for the culture that each of us is seen, heard and included, and has a possibility to influence decisions."     

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Frank-Levi Kvalsund, Senior Vice President HR/QHSE

Basic training program

The main goal with this program is to offer all our employees an arena for learning, inspiration, and motivation. We will expose our employees horizon regarding our company’s vision, mission, values and invite our employees to influence our identity. In addition, we will also provide training for our employees regarding internal structures and business systems. 

Leadership training program

The main goal of this program is to increase the value of the individual leadership. The program is designed to help you cultivate your leadership style, build high performing teams, and better position your organisation for success. How to handle demanding decision-making processes and complex situations will also be on the program’s agenda. Our leaders need to be able to inspire their employees, invent new possibilities and shape the future together. 

Students and young professionals

The HAV summer internship is a 6-8 week program designed to give you the experience and skills you need to approach your career with confidence. 

Our people make the difference

Get to know some of our skilled employees and get inspired.