The Group's vision is a sustainable future at sea.

HAV Group will contribute to the global green energy transition and accelerate the shift towards zero emission operations with innovative solutions within energy efficient ship design and equipment for the maritime and marine industries.

The climate goals and political ambition represent major opportunities, and HAV Group are well positioned to exploit increasing demand for maritime cleantech through the Group’s ship design, technology and equipment companies. 

HAV Group ASA aspires to continue to be an active contributor in the global green shift through the establishment and development of companies.

The Group shall create shareholder value by contributing to its subsidiaries and projects through:

  • Actively take part in the companies’ strategic development
  • Stimulating intercompany business development and R&D processes
  • Extract synergies through economies of scale, standardization of processes and systems.
  • Strengthening the Group's and subsidiaries profile with leading business partners

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