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A sustainable future at sea

Our mission is to create value through collaboration and to develop people who share our vision.

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A provider of tecnology & services

We are experts in guiding the marine and maritime industries towards low and zero emission shipping. HAV Group is an international provider of technology and services for maritime and marine industries.
Our vision is a sustainable future a sea, achieved through low and zero-emission solutions, improved energy efficiency, and minimized environmental footprints across product life cycles.
HAV Hydrogen_People working on a computer

The Norwegian word "HAV" [hɑːv] translates to "ocean."


Enabling optimized vessel performance, safety and operating cost

We improve vessel and cargo owners’ competitiveness by providing advice and optimized solutions throughout a ship’s lifecycle. The group comprises four subsidiaries with several decades of combined experience in the industry, in addition to special expertise in guiding the marine and maritime industries through the green shift and towards the goal of zero emissions.
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Enabling the green transition at sea


The desire to conquer the sea is ancient

For thousands of years, people have dreamed of boats and the sea. In the region where the HAV Group is located, a figurative rock carving depicting a ship dates back 2,000 years. This carving, known as the Roskar rock carving, highlights early maritime aspirations. Additionally, the oldest keeled ship in Northern Europe, a precursor to the Viking ships, was discovered nearby. Today, the goal is to ensure the sustainable use of the sea for future generations. 
Ship portrayed in the Roskar rock carving
Fosnavåg_Photo Kristoffer Ytterland


HAV Group ASA is based in Fosnavåg on the western coast of Norway, with the ocean as its nearest neighbour. We work closely with the ocean industries and our customers, who provide us with direct and clear feedback. At the same time, we are part of a world-leading maritime cluster engaged in proactive technology development and forward-looking innovation.


Norway: Fosnavåg (HQ), Bergen, Ålesund,  Egersund
Istanbul, Turkey - Sopot, Poland - Matulji, Croatia