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Ship design

Supplier of innovative ship design, pioneering the design and construction of zero and low-emission vessels.

HAV Group advises customers regarding selection of vessel parameters and technologies that allow shipowners to increase their competitiveness and enable the green transition at sea.

It provides pioneering innovations in the design and construction of low and zero-emission vessels and energy-optimized ship designs. 

This entails developing the most efficient vessels possible, covering every aspect of the vessel’s functionality and performance, including environmental performance, through concept development, detail design, equipment selection, procurement, system engineering and integration. 

Further, innovative simulation-based ship design enables analysis and documentation of real-life performance of a vessel – before it has been built. 

In total, HAV Group possesses the competence and tools available to help shipowners design, develop and construct low and zero emission vessels, thereby supporting the global maritime industry in reaching its emission targets.  


HAV Design

Our subsidiary has a track record of more than 100 ship designs. As a pioneer in the shipping industry's green transition, HAV Design specializes in accommodating zero-emission solutions and designs that meet future environmental standards.


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Simulation-based concept development

HAV Design_HAV 832 SOV_Esvagt_Crest_ship design

Unveiling the future of offshore wind

Dive into the video showcasing the 289-foot Service Operation Vessel (SOV) by HAV Design for Crowley-ESVAGT. This joint venture, CREST Wind, positions HAV Design as the first European ship designer to develop an SOV for the U.S. market.

HAV 832


HAV 832 SOV design sets sail for the U.S., symbolizing innovation in offshore wind 

The collaboration between HAV Design, Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding, Crowley, and ESVAGT exemplifies international synergy in pursuit of a greener future.