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Admin31.5.20233 min read

HAV Group becomes industrialization partner for ammonia cracking technology close to market breakthrough

31 May 2023 – HAV Group ASA has agreed to become industrialization partner for Pherousa Green Technologies AS (Pherousa), which is developing an ammonia cracker capable of converting ammonia to fuel cell quality hydrogen.

The decision to join as Pherousa’s industrialization partner, follows today’s announcement from shipowner Pherousa Green Shipping AS who is in the design stage of placing an order for up to six highly modern green-profiled Ultramax dry bulk carriers for use in deep-sea shipping. The initial ship design is based on an existing Deltamarin Ultramax model, adapted for the Pherousa Green Technologies using ammonia enabling zero-emission propulsion.

HAV Group currently holds a 10 percent ownership share in Pherousa. 

“This technology will enable a ship to bunker ammonia as a hydrogen carrier, and produce hydrogen on board, either for use in fuel cells or as pilot fuel in internal combustion engines. Ammonia has no carbon in its molecule, it is easily compressed and stored as a liquid and therefore is an excellent hydrogen storage medium. It is a technology that could become a major contributor towards realizing the world’s zero emission shipping ambitions. The fact that Pherousa is close to its market breakthrough by being asked to install its technology on board six dry bulk carriers obviously make this an even more interesting partnership and investment,” says Gunnar Larsen, CEO of HAV Group.

Chairman of Pherousa Green Technologies AS, Hans Bredrup, says that they are pleased to launch the Pherousa technology at a moment when the impacts of the global climate change have reached new heights. 

“By launching our Ammonia--to-Hydrogen cracking Technology onboard an existing Deltamarin design we aim to take a lead and show the way for future potential customers of Pherousa and our technology. We are further pleased to do this in company with our partners and shareholders, Helbio S.A., Metacon AB and HAV Group ASA” says Bredrup  

In addition to HAV Group, Helbio Holdings S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish stock listed Metacon AB, also possess 10 percent of the share capital of Pherousa Green Technologies. Both HAV Group and Helbio are important partners for further development, implementation and commercialization of the Pherousa technology.

Helbio develops, manufactures and markets hydrogen and energy systems, either for industrial use or integrated with fuel cells for combined heat and power production. Metacon develops and manufactures energy systems for the production of hydrogen, heat, and electricity.

Helbio has for the last 20 years developed catalytic technology for cracking various hydrocarbons to hydrogen for use in fuel cells. Pherousa is a technology transfer company that holds the rights to commercialize the developed technology for cracking and purification of ammonia to fuel cell quality hydrogen for use onboard ships. Pherousa is headquartered outside Oslo, Norway. 

Pherousa is developing an ammonia cracker, able to crack ammonia to hydrogen of fuel cell quality according to ISO 14687:2019. 

Ammonia is a very capable, highly available, easily qualified, and non-explosive hydrogen carrier. There are already approximately 120 ports worldwide that are equipped with ammonia trading facilities. Bunkering ammonia and cracking it to hydrogen on board a vessel can therefore solve the storage and infrastructure challenges that face hydrogen as marine fuel, thereby paving the way to zero emission shipping with today's technology.

HAV Group’s subsidiary, HAV Hydrogen, will be a key contributor towards the development and marinization of the ammonia cracker technology. 

“Cracking ammonia to hydrogen on board the vessel and use it in proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells is a quick route to get started with using ammonia as fuel. It provides shipowners with the flexibility between ammonia and hydrogen, as well as the upsides of the PEM fuel cells maturity, compact dimensions and ability to handle dynamic loads. The solution also has the potential for full zero emission compared to dual-fuel systems where a mixture of diesel can be necessary,” says Kristian Osnes, managing director of HAV Hydrogen, and adds:

“Having both hydrogen and ammonia as part of our product portfolio means that we can offer shipowners an even more complete product offering tailored to their specific needs.”

For further information, please contact:
Gunnar Larsen, CEO
+47 901 05 694