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HAV editor18.3.20221 min read

New Hydrogen Research Centre in Norway

The Research Council of Norway invests NOK 200 million (EUR 20,271,400) in HYDROGENi: a new centre for environment-friendly energy research (FME) dedicated to hydrogen and ammonia.

Hav Hydrogen will be a part of the centre and contribute to innovation of zero emission solutions for the maritime industry.

Kristian Osnes-1.jpg
Kristian Osnes, Managing Director at HAV Hydrogen.

“This will be a major and vital effort to enable the implementation of hydrogen and ammonia, which are the only real zero-emission fuels for the maritime industry. We are very pleased to contribute to realizing the full potential of hydrogen and to the green shift in Norway”, says Kristian Osnes, Managing Director at HAV Hydrogen.


The Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Terje Aasland, made the announcement earlier this month.

HYDROGENi will spearhead the research and innovations needed to meet the 2030 and 2050 goals of the Norwegian hydrogen roadmap. Its work to build a sustainable hydrogen economy will focus on four main research areas:

  1. Cost-efficient and scalable production
  2. Transport and storage in Norway and Europe
  3. End-use technologies
  4. Safety and material integrity.

Press Release from the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (Norwegian only)

Read article from SINTEF here (English)