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Admin26.5.20212 min read

Major modification contract for HAV Design

More than 120 vessels have been built using a HAV design. Now, HAV Design has been awarded its biggest redesign contract to date for major modifications to adapt a ship to changes in the market.

The ship, built using a HAV design, will undergo considerable modifications that also require redesign and new detailed drawings. The ‘new’ ship is scheduled for operation in Q1 2022.

The width of the ship will be extended by several metres, and a walkway, lift and tower will be installed so that it can take on more assignments and operate in more parts of the market.

Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane, Vice President Sales of HAV Design says that the company expects more redesign and vessel modification assignments in the time ahead.
 ‘The reason is that some segments of the market do not necessarily need more ships, but better ships, as well as a general wish for more circular economy thinking and less use of raw materials.’

Increased competitiveness

Kristian Steinsvik, R&D Manager, says that for several years, HAV Design has been engaged in systematic development work to create tools and designs that meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements.

‘We have the expertise and tools required to design environmentally friendly ships that help our customers to become more competitive and profitable. We will now use the HAV Ocean Lab tools, such as the digital twin and simulation functionality, to improve and utilise the potential of ships that are already in operation.’

Given HAV Design’s history of deliveries, which extends far back in time, there are many ships that have been built using our own designs that can be adapted to changes in the market by means of new technology and further energy efficiency modifications.

Stringent requirements for cuts in emissions and energy consumption are also expected in many of the segments in which HAV Design operates in the years to come. These requirements will materialise as e.g. increased carbon tax. 
‘New environmental requirements and orders for emission cuts will result in challenges for the customers, which HAV Design can resolve through new technology and our knowledge of energy efficiency. This way, we increase our customers’ competitiveness and help to steer the industry through the green transition.’ 


In photo from left:   Petter Frøystad, Technical Manager in HAV Design, Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane, Vice President Sales in HAV Design and Kristian Steinsvik R&D Manager in HAV Design. Photo: Siv-Elin Nærø