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Admin23.5.20222 min read

HAV Group ASA to acquire remaining Norwegian Greentech shares

HAV Group ASA (HAV Group, OSE: HAV) today announces the acquisition of the remaining 22.72 percent of the shares of fast-growing subsidiary Norwegian Greentech AS (Norwegian Greentech), bringing HAV Group’s total ownership to 100 percent.

Norwegian Greentech is a supplier of ballast water treatment systems and various other water treatment systems for aquaculture and maritime use.

HAV Group is acquiring the remaining 22.72 percent of the Norwegian Greentech shares from Visimo AS, a company owned by current Norwegian Greentech executives Håvard Gjelseth and Børge Gjelseth as well as former technical manager Terje Gjelseth.

Gunnar Larsen-1.jpg
Gunnar Larsen, CEO of HAV Group. Photo: Siv-Elin Nærø.


“We are pleased with the performance and outlook for Norwegian Greentech, and to retain the expertise of Håvard and Børge Gjelseth was a prerequisite for the transaction. We are delighted to continue working together to develop the company to leverage on many excellent opportunities. We believe Norwegian Greentech’s best years lie ahead of us,” says Gunnar Larsen, CEO of HAV Group.

The share purchase will be settled partly through 805,673 treasury-held shares in HAV Group ASA, valued at NOK 18 per share, and partly through a single digit NOK millioncash consideration. The final purchase price reflects Visimo’s relative ownership interest prior to the transaction.

Håvard Gjelseth and Børge Gjelseth remain in their respective roles as managing director and sales & marketing director of Norwegian Greentech. Both executives have entered into a lock-up agreement for their shares in HAV Group ASA.

Ha__vard Gjelseth-1.jpg
Håvard Gjelseth, Managing Director of NGT. Foto: Siv-Elin Nærø


“HAV Group have for some time wanted to take full ownership of Norwegian Greentech, while we have wanted to retain our exposure to the company and gain exposure to the wider HAV Group. This share-based deal therefore works well for both parties,” says Håvard Gjelseth, managing director of Norwegian Greentech.  

Norwegian Greentech was established in 2010 and designs, delivers, installs and services highly energy-efficient compact ballast water treatment systems (BWTS). Its BWTS is particularly suited for retrofits due to its small size and flexible installation. The company has secured fleet agreements with numerous major shipowners.

Fosnavåg-based Norwegian Greentech delivered operating income of NOK 167.5 million in 2021, a 123 percent increase from NOK 75.1 million in 2020.

The transaction is expected to be completed on 31 May 2022.

HAV Group ASA is listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo, Norway.


About HAV

The HAV Group is an international provider of technology and services for maritime and marine industries, listed on Euronext Growth under the ticker code HAV. The group comprises four subsidiaries with several decades of combined experience in the industry, in addition to special expertise in guiding the marine and maritime industries through the green shift and towards the goal of zero emissions.

About Norwegian

Norwegian Greentech is a supplier of sustainable systems for clean water. Its main product is a purification system for ballast water, but the company is also a significant supplier of purification systems for the ocean and land-based aquaculture industry. The company has sold more than 600 treatment systems so far, and the market is growing rapidly due to international requirements. 

For further information, please contact:
Gunnar Larsen, CEO
+47 901 05 694