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6.3.20241 min read

Subsidiary contracted to equip hybrid bulk carriers

HAV Group's water treatment business has been contracted to supply the ballast water treatment systems to two 5,000 dwt eco-friendly hybrid bulk carriers that Colombo Dockyard in Sri Lanka is constructing for Norwegian shipowner Misje Rederi.

Under the contract, Norwegian Greentech will supply its compact, energy efficient UV- and filter-based ballast water treatment system (BWTS) to the two vessels, which are part of a ten-vessel newbuilding programme.

The contract for the two vessels is through a call-off from a fleet agreement between Misje Rederi and Norwegian Greentech.

Misje Rederi calls the vessels “Eco-friendly Bulk Carriers”, signifying the company’s dedication to shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future for the maritime industry. The vessels are equipped with hybrid energy storage system, charging facilities, and combines conventional and eco-technologies for reduced environmental impact through electrification.

“Our chemical-free BWTS has a highly compact design and is very energy efficient. It has become the favoured BWTS for shipowners that are dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint as well as their operating expenditure,” says Børge Gjelseth, SVP Commercial at Norwegian Greentech.

The BWTS will be equipped with functionalities for remote access and assistance, which is important for cargo vessels that aim to spend as little time in port as possible.

Norwegian Greentech will manufacture the BWTS systems at its headquarters in Fosnavåg, Norway, and ship them to Colombo Dockyard. The company has not disclosed the value of the contract.

Norwegian Greentech is a supplier of ballast water treatment systems and other systems for purification of water for use in the aquaculture industry and in the maritime sector. The company is a subsidiary of HAV Group ASA, which is listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo, Norway.

About Norwegian Greentech:

Norwegian Greentech is a supplier of sustainable systems for clean water. Its main product is a purification system for ballast water, but the company is also a significant supplier of purification systems for the ocean and land-based aquaculture industry. The company has sold more than 700 treatment systems so far, and the market is growing rapidly due to international requirements.