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HAV editor25.2.20222 min read

Norwegian Greentech’s BWTS secures US Coast Guard certification

Norwegian Greentech has received the important US Coast Guard (USCG) approval for its ballast water treatment system (BWTS).

Norwegian Greentech’s BWTS system has proved to be a popular choice among many shipowners due to its compact size and low energy requirements, which contribute to both lower capex and opex for shipowners.

“The main benefit of the USCG approval is that shipowners with Norwegian Greentech’s system on board now can sail anywhere they want, including the US,” says Børge Gjelseth, sales and marketing director at Norwegian Greentech.

US authorities require USCG certification for both US ships and international vessels that call at US ports.

By obtaining USCG certification, Norwegian Greentech's systems can now be installed and utilised by all ships; those that sail in US waters today and those that may sail in US waters in the future.

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Børge Gjelseth, sales and marketing director at Norwegian Greentech. Photo: SIv-Elin Nærø


“The USCG certification also gives Norwegian Greentech access to a new, large market, which is important to us. However, it also gives Jones Act vessels access to our BWTS system, which we believe they will welcome with open arms due to its inherent cost and environmental benefits compared to other larger systems,” adds Børge Gjelseth.


The requirements for the USCG certificate are stricter than the conditions companies have to meet to gain IMO approval for their BWTS. Norwegian Greentech’s system is also IMO approved. However, through obtaining USCG approval, Norwegian Greentech’s technology has satisfied the strictest demands for ballast water treatment systems.

Norwegian Greentech therefore considers the USCG certification as a seal of approval for both the BWTS products and the company’s production methods.

“We are very proud of having completed a very demanding USCG approval process, which basically creates a solid platform for further growth,” adds Børge Gjelseth.


Norwegian Greentech has since 2018 increased its revenues tenfold. The majority of the growth is related to high demand and new contracts for BWTS for vessels, especially retrofitting of existing vessels.

Further, part of the growth derives from Norwegian Greentech’s method of utilizing UV and filters on highly compact and energy-efficient water treatment systems that are applied to other parts of the maritime industry.

“We are constantly looking for new applications for our technology, but the US market will of course get a lot of extra attention going forward,” adds Børge Gjelseth.

Norwegian Greentech is a subsidiary of HAV Group ASA, which is listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo.

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About Norwegian Greentech:

Norwegian Greentech is a supplier of sustainable systems for clean water. Its main product is a purification system for ballast water, but the company is also a significant supplier of purification systems for the ocean and land-based aquaculture industry. The company has sold close to 700 treatment systems so far, and the market is growing rapidly due to international requirements.